Since phase 1, the jury noticed this proposal's striking simplicity, combined with the spatial efficiency of fitting the program within the imposed compositional guidelines of the existing site.

Considering the tight budget and the project's important programmatic constraints, it became an unavoidable hypothesis by its modest means, its appropriate response towards program expectations and the building's efficient general organization.

The transparency of the foyer on almost three sides, from the public collective space flowing into a well proportioned courtyard behind Saint-Michel school finds no equal in other finalist's projects.

The backstage volume, compact and discreet, defines this exterior space with the Saint-Michel school and contributes to its animation, the dressing and green rooms generously opening onto it.

The limits and internal organization of each functional volume can easily be revised at the preliminary design stage, independently of one another.

Circulation space is reduced to a minimum.

The administration is strategically positioned next to Arpidome's offices and, despite its restrained surface, services can be organized differently. The auditorium was perceived as being very intimate, the last seat being closest to the stage than in any other project, but the balcony must be revised, as certain sight lines are judged unacceptable.

The jury's greatest reserve concerns the foyer, whose height, central circulation and configuration of steps prejudice its use, namely when two events are held simultaneously; but the jury believes that these limitations can be corrected.

The access to the toilets in the basement will have to be more generous, as well as the auditorium's vestibule and a few other public transition spaces that are too tight.

The scale and expression were deemed appropriate for Dolbeau-Mistassini, even if the jury would have preferred a look closer to stage one, less austere and making greater use of wood.

The path from the back parking lot merits better consideration.

In final, the few limitations associated with this proposal, including the oral presentation, are less important compared to its great qualities the jury recognizes as well as the confidence the project inspires of being realized within budget.

The team received the highest score for its experience report (addenda 1).